Slow performance with Cloudflare

I have several sites on cloudflare. Both of them have performance issues.

I have tried everything I can:

  1. monitored the application for bugs or memory leaks.
  2. tuned the performance of the database.
  3. bought a powerful server (Intel Core i7-8700, 4x RAM 16384 MB DDR4, 2x SSD M.2 NVMe 1 TB, unlimited traffic). The server is located in Germany, and I and my target audience of the site in Ukraine.
  4. hired an experienced devops to find the reasons for the slow performance of the site.

But none of this did not help.
Then I decided to try to disable dns proxy in cloudflare to understand how much cloudflare affects the speed of my site and, unfortunately, it turned out that much. I also tried disabling everything except proxy to exclude specific cloudflare features, but unfortunately it had no effect on speed.

I hope you can help me. I don’t want to give up cloudflare as I find it very useful, but right now my site speed is critically low and it directly affects my business.

There’s no actionable data in the problem description, troubleshooting steps or test results. So it is unlikely that someone will be able to provide anything other than generic assistance.

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