Slow pageloads from uk

One of my clients has noticed something strange today and that is their sites are running slow from UK locations.
We tested with GTmetrix and got a 5 second load from Mumbai and a 65 second load from London - the origin data centre is in london
What could be causing the issue? From my location in spain, the site is blistering fast TTFB 200ms and from theres its painfully slow 15000ms
They are coming from a large institution
Any ideas? they are building upto a product launch in the UK so we need to know if we should turn Cloudflare on or off!!!


trace route from spain - fast load
trace route from uk - slow load

The site generally loads fine, albeit everything is a bit slow (more in that in a sec). On it seems to take about the same time to load on all checkpoints, including the British one. That checks only for the root page however, without embedded resources.

One thing I did notice was it seems most resources are load in a somewhat sequential fashion and not in parallel, which would make me think of the number of concurrent client connections being too low. That should not be UK specific however.

look at that UK first recieve from the site you linked

surely that indicates an issue? I have no idea what it is, but the users in the UK are reporting a problem and the gtmetrix and this seem to back it up

When I ran it

That is against the naked domain however, where you issue a redirect to www (notice the zero bytes and status code) - and two seconds is long for that.
Requesting www shows the same picture (no pun intended) as what you discovered.

I’d open a support ticket.

Check out however. That appears to load everywhere within a reasonable time.

Could you possibly have any code (plugin?) on your root page that delays British connections? A wild guess I admit :slight_smile:

thats not such a crazy idea - i am think maybe something gdpr related is dragging

Cant tell of course. If it was GDPR related I’d expect it to affect all EU connections but that certainly depends on the configuration.

Assuming that site is hosted in the UK it might be something that specifically checks (and delays) connections from UK IP addresses, but considering it does not seem to affect regular resource URLs I’d check for something Wordpress related. Disclaimer: still a wild guess :smile:

Any guesses are gratefully recieved, it still feels like a networking issue for Uk connections to this ip, cloduflare ticket was an automated response, so still hoping a human being would answer. And yes if it was GDPR it would be eu wide, but hey it was all i could think of, all the other plugins are pretty vanilla and same as other sites i have working fine on Cloudflare. I have other sites on same server cluster with Cloudflare and no problem.
Its very frustrating as the client is a very nice college choir who just want their supporters to be able to get their cds!

I’d probably go for trial and error and first disable all plugins and check if it made a different. Then I’d enable them one-by-one and re-check. My experience with Wordpress is unfortunately (or fortunately :smile:) too limited to give precise pointers but my - surprise :slight_smile: - guess is it might be something that executes on your root path, which is likely a Wordpress plugin or something similar.

thanks, its nearly 9pm here - time to knock off, thanks for your help, i think its really a network latency issue, which has to be pretty specific to this client

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