Slow page loading + slow images

Hello. I have a lot of issues… Maybe i am stupid, but i have one site and two domains:

  1. danirocraftru (Without Cloudflare)
  2. unitedmineru (With Cloudflare)

And unitedmine domain very slow… Omg i dont know what to do. I have already tried all: Page rules with cache bypass, development mode and other…

Also i have map and it is very slow too… Help me, please. I use NGINX which redirects to other server, but still danirocraft domain very fast, and unitedmine domain very slow. So problem not with my server, but with Cloudflare

For you i already created Просто и понятно. Обучаем технологиям. You can go to map with it, and map is very fast, but mapunitedmineru slow…

Current page rules|690x180

I have already tried cache bypass (look at screenshot), but it dont work.

The first thing you should fix is the missing SSL configuration on your server.

But i have flexible SSL/TLS encryption mode… So cloudflare connect to origin server via http.

Will fixing missing SSL configuration on origin server fix something?

That’s exactly what I referred to. You need to fix your server certificate first.

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So… If I understand correctly, then I need to do full SSL/TLS encryption mode. So i’ll try to do it, but i have no idea how to do it. I will user cf and nginx documentations

“Full strict” actually. Plus you need to configure a valid certificate. Check out StackExchange for details on that.

I did “Full strict” mode. But is slow. Nothing changed :frowning:

Compare Просто и понятно. Обучаем технологиям and

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