Slow or non-existent DNS record propagation


We are experiencing slow DNS record propagation from Cloudflare. Our website hosting provider sent us the following link with details: Let's Debug. Some of the messaging suggests that there’s a problem with DNSSEC, but we don’t have that activated with Cloudflare and our domain registrar says they don’t support it. At this point we’re not sure if DNSSEC is to blame or if there is different problem. Any help is appreciated, and let us know if more information is needed. Thanks!

For the mentioned domain, the incorrect DNSSEC configuration is the actual issue.

The three out of four errors (the ones titled DNSLookupFailed) from your Let’s Debug link are all referencing the failure to validate DNSSEC.

For a list of potential options, I would refer to this post:

My personal advice would however be the first set from that post, to enable DNSSEC within Cloudflare, and then correcting the DS record through your domain registrar.

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Thanks for the response, DarkDeviL. We will work with our domain registrar in resolving the DNSSEC problem.

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