Slow nameserver activation pending

I’m waiting since 5-6 days for activation and it say 24h hours :facepalm:
It’s normal?


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You havent changed the nameservers of your domain.

Ok. I’m trying to change it but it say “Make sure you change name and IP!”. What ip should I put?

Typically you wouldnt need the IP addresses - thats the point of specifying host names after all. Are you sure you need it for the nameservers and that is not defining glue records?

Anyhow, if you actually do, simply take the IP addresses these host names resolve to.

Okay. Done!

It now is reflected by whois, but DNS still shows the previous nameservers. Could still take some time.

Nice! Thanks for the support.
I hope it will become active in 24 hours.

I would expect it to be faster than 24 hours, but then it will take some time to validate on Cloudflare as well. You can click the “re-check” button though to start a manual validation and possibly speed it up.

DNS is set now. Cloudflare should be able to verify the domain now.

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