Slow loads of CDN resources

I have configured Cloudflare for my site and found that some resources load almost 2 seconds.

I think it is a very bad result for the CDN system.
Would you provide any suggestion for fix it?

Hi. I checked out your site and have some observations in no particular order.

  • You don’t appear to be using Cloudflare currently - are you in development mode? I see that you’re using Cf nameservers…
  • Page is ~2.75MB and has ~20s load time with 250+ requests - this is high number of requests
    • Page size is alright - load time could be improved
    • Several redirect chains in place that add to the number of requests
  • ~1MB of render-blocking JS
  • Assets exist on ~40 external domains that would not be cached by Cloudflare
    • Majority of JS have query strings which are typically used as cache-busters. I notice the string is the same for all JS on your subdomains. Is this something Magento is adding?

Generally speaking, all of these points interact with each other and add up to significant page load time. 1MB of JS isn’t too bad, but when it’s uncached, render-blocking and sometimes coming from an external domain (which may be on a redirect chain) it becomes much more of an issue.

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