Slow Loading Times with Cloudflare Proxy

I am experiencing slow loading times on a website that is enabled with Cloudflare’s proxy service. I have gone through various troubleshooting steps and identified that the issue is specifically related to the Cloudflare domain, and not the server or website configuration itself.

Details of the Issue:

  • I have set up two identical test websites on the same server, with the same configuration and content.
  • One domain is registered with Hostinger, and the other is registered with Cloudflare.
  • When accessing the Hostinger domain, the website loads quickly and without any noticeable delays.
  • However, when accessing the Cloudflare domain, the website takes significantly longer to load, with resources being loaded over an extended period (up to 6-7 seconds).

Steps Taken:

  1. Checked DNS settings and resolution times (no issues found).
  2. Ensured proper caching and minification settings in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  3. Compared performance using GTmetrix and WebPageTest (attached are the network timelines for both domains).
  4. Monitored server performance and logs (no issues found on the server side).
  5. Reviewed firewall and security settings (no changes made recently).

I have also attached the network timelines from WebPageTest, which clearly show the difference in loading times between the two domains.

I would greatly appreciate if you could investigate this issue and provide guidance on how to resolve the slow loading times on the Cloudflare domain. Please let me know if you need any additional information or logs from my end.

Cloudflare in the free version is routing over far regions that’s why it is showing a slow load speed. There is a conflict of HTTP/3 (QUIC) disabling which leads to fast load speed. Also there is a conflict between Elementor and Rocket Loader.