Slow loading incidents and sometimes errors

Sometimes images take a very long time to load and may crash with error like “quic something” (not shure is it same case). But immediately after that, if you open the page again or open the picture in a new tab, then everything is ok. In some cases several images loading while others is ready. Any ideas? I tried to change the provider, the device and even the domain from which I open the pictures.

do you have RayId of one of the successful loads? Do you use Cloudflare Images product or something else?

Yep, using cloudflare images. Rayid… I’m sorry, not shure that i know where to find it for cloudflare images.

Cf-Ray is a response header returned from Cloudflare.

Oh! Thanks! I’l find some. I should find any “RayId of one of the successful loads” or for example slow loads?

I’m lucky today! 82db16ab299d9dae-DME for slow load and found one of error

To make sure what happens with the connection, can you collect pcap of the broken connection with WireShark?

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