Slow loading in Far East/Australia

Hi there,

I have a complete beginner’s question as my knowledge of both websites and CDNs are pretty limited.

I recently transferred my website to Siteground hosting and enabled the free Cloudflare that comes with it. I’m hosted in the UK. My customers are from all round the world.

When using various online tools to check how fast my site is loading from around the world I’m finding that it usually loads pretty fast from Europe, but almost always takes double the time or even more to load in places furthest away from me such as the Far East - so for example it might load in 1.3s from London but appears to take 3.7 from Tokyo or up to 5s from Sydney. The tools I’ve used have been things like, or and they all indicate the same trend

I thought the whole point of a CDN was to serve content much more locally, so why does the site load so much slower when further away from Europe or the US?

Hope someone patient can explain it to me!
Many thanks

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