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Hi Cloudflare Community!

My new site is responding slowly in many domain health tests from China that I try. That is, I get reasonable load times in most places, but locations in China are unreasonably slow.

I know Cloudflare is supposed to have CDN location (server) in Langfang, China (that’s between Beijing and Tianjin, the two cities I care most about) and that’s why I thought using Cloudflare would be a good idea.

I have not done much webbuilding, but have so far configured my site to use HTTPS exclusively.

I have set up rewrites to HTTPS via my origin server’s htaccess file.

All seems in working order. I’d like to get this resolved before I start on web design.

Any suggestions as to setting that may slow down the response/load time in China?


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Access to Cloudflare’s China locations is only available as part of the Enterprise plan (additional option) and requires the website owner have an ICP license.

You can improve performance by minimizing the number of external websites called and using internal (to China) resources like Baidu for analytics and recaptcha instead of services located outside the great firewall.

hope that helps!

Thanks for the update!

I have to say that is disappointing, but it does explain why my loading times are shorter without Cloudflare. :disappointed_relieved:

As a note, there’s nothing to indicate that this is the case in all of the things I’ve read. It might be nice to clarify this alongside your datacenter lists!

Actually, I do have one other quick question:

If I am no longer going to use Cloudflare for CDN purposes, should I revert my nameserver to my origin host’s nameserver? Is it useful to continue allowing Cloudflare to resolve my DNS?

Thanks again!

It is specified in the China CDN page plus in the various paln details.

It could still be useful to have it serve as DNS since it’s still the fastest DNS service (I don’t know if DNS would be served from inside China despite not having CDN access there, but would presume so given the setup), with a great dashboard and API controls. Obviously this holds true only if the third party CDN you may chose allows for third party DNS.

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Ok, I must have overlooked it. Probably because I am much to small to consider anything labelled “Enterprise”, I just block it out.

I guess I will leave it as is for now. I don’t want to change the nameservers too frequently. If I have problems I can always revert.

Thanks, Matteo!

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