Slow loading and 522 errors


My websites are taking an incredibly long time to load, over 15 seconds. They are simple static pages with google AdSense, and are hosted on amazon’s AWS, with a Route 53 domain.

They used to load fast (less than 2 seconds) but today the page loading is intermittent. Sometimes they load, sometimes there is a 522 error, or other time resources such as images do not load.

I have not altered any setting with this domain in Cloudflare or any setting in AWS. Basically, I have not touched this website for many months and then all of a sudden there are loading issues.

When I load the webpage direct from the AWS bucket it loads fine, and as Cloudflare eventually loads the page I think there is connection between the two, so I’m at a bit of a loss how to trouble shoot further or resolve the issue.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hi @philipgiddings,

I also have some static sites hosted on AWS (S3) but I haven’t noticed any problems for a while. I would recommend setting up some kind of monitoring in order to understand what is actually happening.

As for 522 Error, this #CommunityTip should keep you covered:

I hope it helps. Please let me know if I can help you with any further questions.

Digging further into the issue, it seems to be an issue with the HTTPS connection.

When I load the pages http :// the page loads fine

When I load httpS :// the page struggles to loads then times out or give 522 error

I have the website set up using:

  • SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible
  • Always Use HTTPS – On

As I have the “Always Use HTTPS” the HTTP page should be redirected to the HTTPS, and the http :// version should be redirected and not load…… There is something strange going on

All the other settings match four other websites which are behaving correctly

The website has been using these settings for the last 18months and has not had problems.

I have checked all CNAME settings and they correctly point at the AWS bucket, and the bucket as the allow all public access.

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