Slow loading after moving to Cloudflare

Hi guys,

I moved my site to Cloudflare about 25 hours ago.

I am on shared hosting in South Africa. I know that shared hosting does not have great performance to start off with, but with CF it is clearly way slower!

Before, when my site (wordpress) was not on CF, and I used W3 Total Cache, my website consistently had load times of about 6 s or less in Europe:

However, since moving to CF, it has jumped to over 30 s and there appears to be some major issues with 3 resources not being able to load or taking like 15 s to load:

Here is an example of one of the resources which is failing to load:

Has anyone had any errors like this in the past?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you’re not caching resources, there won’t be a huge performance increase. It looks like your server is telling browsers to not cache resources. Normally, a CSS would return a cf-cache-status header. Maybe it’s because of the next issue (see below).

I also see some of your resources have query strings. If that string keeps changing, it won’t cache. If it really is the same file, you can set your Cache Level to Ignore Query String (Simple), so it will server that same cached file to all visitors.

Visiting your site from Los Angeles, I’m getting a lot of 522 Timeouts. That indicates that Cloudflare is unable to pull resources from your server. Do you have access to your server logs to verify the connections?

You also indicate you used to use W3TC. I’d still use a caching plugin on the site. That should make your server as fast as possible when responding to Cloudflare.


I was using W3 TC as well, but it did not help at all. The load times were the same.

I do have access to raw logs, however I do not know how to interpret them!

Could the problem be that I need to wait longer than 24 hours for my site to propagate through the CF network?


At this point, I’d scan the logs for result codes. They should be 200s for a successful access. Then search for specific resources that are slow or aren’t even loading.

W3TC (and other caching plugins) really help take the load off the server and speed things up by not having to generate a dynamic page for every visitor.

Waiting 24 hours only helps with HIT/MISS of the cf-cache-status. 5xx errors are a separate problem, usually at the origin server. The good news is that I’m getting fewer 522 errors. More good news is that the fusion5 CSS file looks eligible for caching, though I’m getting a MISS. More time should result in a HIT.

Ultimately, it comes down to what’s going on between your server and Cloudflare. A global test looks to time out from most locations:

Out of curiosity, how does your site perform in South Africa? Which POP are you reaching?