Slow Load Speed with Cloudflare


When Cloudflare is turned on for my site the speed is very very slow, it is very noticeable.

When Cloudflare is set to developer mode or unproxied I have no issues loading the site, loads very quickly. What is the deal here? I’ve messed around with cloudflare settings but I still cannot manage to get it working properly, it takes Cloudflare almost 13 seconds to load my page, if not using Cloudflare it takes less than a second or two.

I also cannot contact support because cloudflare decided to make it harder for a free user to contact them.

I have no issues paying but I will need to fix this issue first.

That’s very interesting, and usually isn’t why a site would be slower with Cloudflare.

Is this how fast it loads in Development mode?

Can you post the domain name so we can check?



Anyone have any solutions?

Is it in Dev mode now? It’s showing me regular performance right now. First load had some six-second delays for uncached content, but once everything was cached, it loads pretty quickly. About two seconds total, just over one second for first paint.

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