Slow LCP times - but only from one folder

I’ve been checking Google Search Console for my site, and it’s saying that some of the Largest Contentful Paint times “need improving” (for Mobile), but when I check the details, they’re some of the simplest pages on the site - mostly just text with paragraphs and bullet points - but they’re all in the same subfolder.

Is it possible that that one folder isn’t cached, or is cached differently? Is there a way to check?

The search console will show the correct stats after 1 month of integration. You can also try to add the urls again to the console or just re-upload all the files.

Thanks, but I’ve been with Cloudflare for years and the Search Console has been complaining about the pages in that folder for months - it’s just that I’ve only just realised that all of the offending pages are in the same folder.

Hi @Battenberg
You should try to add some meta tags to your pages and use some SEO tools like
This will surely improve your website.

Thanks, but SEO isn’t the problem - the pages all have meta-tags, JSON data, etc., and a number of the affected pages appear in the top ten search results in Google.

My question is about why the pages in one folder appear to be served more slowly than all of the other pages in my site, despite those pages validating as HTML5, mostly getting 4 x 100 in, and being fairly light in content.

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