Slow https Response to Server delay

I have a small site which the objects load fast. The issue thought, both on my own hosting server and now as well on Cloudflare the initial https request fluctuates. I get time timings as 300ms up to 10 seconds, once the https request is done, all other requests load under a second. What’s the issue here?

By default Cloudflare doesn’t cache html content, so if your origin has performance issues in rendering a page… Cloudflare can help reduce overall load on that server. But that only helps if the server is dedicated, in a shared environment if the server is overloaded those slow requests to render the html are going ot remain slow.

If you can, Cloudflare allows you to ‘cache’ everything, which for certain sites is fine. For others, less so. With cache everything the page is returned from Cloudflare, not the origin.

If your host offers upgraded plans or dedicated plans you might investigate that option with them as well.

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Thanks. I assume it’s the host which is on a shared env. I have the possibility to cache HTML with a module. I tried it with Cloudflare but gave up creating rules when I saw that it cached user logins etc.

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