Slow flie transfer speed with Cloudflare

So I have a file storage website, but it’s extremely slow, when I use Cloudflare.

If I use Cloudflare, my upload and download speed is around 3-4 MB/s.
Hovever, if I just connect with my public IP, I easily get a 100 MB/s and more.

I tried turning off Cloudflare Proxy, but it didn’t changed anything.

Using Cloudflare for file distribution is against the terms of service.

So Cloudflare forbids me from creating a Filebrowser site (GitHub - filebrowser/filebrowser: 📂 Web File Browser) to access my files remotely? I understand this correctly? (Also I didn’t got any notice.)

That is correct.

Then what shuld I do? Switch to a diffrent DNS provider?

Change your records to DNS-Only so that traffic is not routed through Cloudflare.

I already did that, and it didn’t changed anything.

Wait until your DNS Cache expires.

In DNS-Only mode, you connect directly to your server. Cloudflare has absolutely no influence on the speed then.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

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