Slow environment setup almost unnecessary in some cases

the environment setup in some cases take longer then 12 minutes which is really annoying to having pushed the changes to repo and waiting for Cloudflare to publish it to live website.

But the most annoying part is when I do not really need an environment and have already published static site for which all Cloudflare have to do is copy the files from repo, but it still run the environment setup for around 3-4 minutes.

As a feedback I think if you add an option saying site is prebuilt or something like that and when user select that Cloudflare simply copy the repo and push to site this will save time for users using Cloudflare and resources for Cloudflare.

win win situation for both!


ok but seems like useless step and waste of time and resources to do it every time

There might or might not be something coming soon to solve this… I’ll say no more. :slight_smile:


This reply is totally unrelated to Pages as that is what topic is about…

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‘-’ lol


It’s now live. If the files are static just leave an empty field in the build step.

  1. Go to your project, then click Settings
  2. Click Builds & deployments
  3. Scroll down to Fast builds Beta
  4. Click Enable Fast builds