Slow DNS propagation

Slower than usual DNS propagation. A Record not pointing to Anything I’ve done wrong to mess this up that you can see? Domain is"

That domain is showing Cloudflare IP addresses, which is to be expected if you use Cloudflare as a proxy.

Your server is however responding with a 404 page. Did the domain work before adding it to Cloudflare?


Your server also has no SSL certificate and you have an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Yes, the website on the old server was working OK till yesterday. I updated a plugin and the site crashed, so I will restore the old website on the new server after the propagation goes thru. Thanks for your comment! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment. I will issue a fresh SSL cert on the new server once the propagation goes thru.

Not sure what you mean there. Everything has “gone thru” already, you just need to configure your server correctly.

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Really? The DNS lookup for is not yet showing the new server ie, right?

NS records are correct and unchanged, so I think I just need to wait longer … :frowning:

And it never will, because Cloudflare hides your IP and shows their own instead. Requests are reaching your server already.

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You are correct! Coo, I learn something new … so, if you cannot use a DNS checker, how to know when new server IP is propagated?

Propagation is not the issue here. You need to fix the insecure configuration.

Everything is fine now. The issue was not knowing that Cloudflare masks the new server IP.
Thank you.

Yes, you do have a valid certificate now. Just make sure your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict, otherwise you’d still have no encryption.

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