Slow DNS propagation?

Hi - this is a newbie question.
I purchased a domain on google domains this morning and pointed it to the web server. The website displayed ok. I then added it to Cloudflare and got the ‘success’ message that the site is live on Cloudflare and recreated the A records to the host and enforced https redirect. The site then disappeared off the internet: This page isn’t working → ERR_TOO_MANY-REDIRECTS. Its been about 8 hours since then. DNS checker says the domain name is resolving ok and the IP addresses it gives resolve back to Cloudflare.

Am I just being too impatient? - I’ve gone through this before and things have happened much faster. (under pressure from the client who wants to see their website)

Thanks for your help

Make sure your encryption mode is “Full strict”.

Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

Now I get a 526 invalid SSL certificate error

I’m using the freebie Cloudflare ssl option

Then you also need to fix your server certificate and make sure you have a valid.

You can also use Origin certificates from Cloudflare → use the search for details.

ok - will do thanks

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