Slow content download/receiving time (TTFB is OK)


Hi I have a site behind Cloudflare and everything is ok except “content download” time as seen in chrome dev tools.
The content is flagged as cf-cache-status: HIT, but after a reasonable 50-ish ms TTFB, the receiving part of timeline stretches up to 350ms.

This time measurement is done on a 100 mbit optic link, so it should not be the bottleneck.



Without a URL, there’s not much we can do to test this out. As you suspect, this isn’t typical behavior.

How does it perform when using GTmetrix or Pingdom’s Full Page Test?


And you dont experience this when you access the server directly?

As @sdayman already said, without a URL it is “difficult” to test. How big is the file? Does it happen on every request or only on the first?


Hi, it seems to happen on all requests (I’ve set disable cache in Chrome Dev Tools).
But I did a few rounds of testing with Pingdom, and there the results were different.
The prolonged download times on Pingdom were present only in case of “large” images (600KB), other files seemed ok.
Also the Pingdom client I choose is in Sweden, while my servers are located in Germany, so probably closer than my laptop.


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