Slow connection with Warp+

I’m seeing a considerable drop in download speeds when Warp+ is activated. On desktop over a wired connection, I’m seeing a drop of 204Mbps in my average download speed:

With Warp+ on:

  • download: 443Mbps
  • upload: 28Mbps

With Warp+ off:

  • download: 647Mbps
  • upload: 37Mbps

On an Android mobile over WiFi with the Warp+ app installed the issue is worse. I’m seeing a drop of 272 Mbps in my average download speed:

With Warp+ on:

  • download: 65Mbps
  • upload: 37Mbps

With Warp+ off:

  • download: 337Mbps
  • upload: 26Mbps

Connection Information. I have provided feedback via the bug report.

I appreciate there is some drop in throughput as an offset for increased privacy but this seems like an excessively high drop, particularly on mobile. Is this common?

Cloudflare WARP is in part powered by, the world’s fastest DNS resolver. When visiting sites or going to a new location on the Internet, you should see fast DNS lookups. WARP, however, is built to trade some throughput for enhanced privacy, by encrypting all traffic both to and from your device. While this is not noticeable at most mobile speeds, on desktop systems in countries where high-speed broadband is available, you may notice a drop. We think the tradeoff is worth it and continue to work on improving performance all over the system.

​Source:FAQ · Cloudflare WARP client docs

Thank you @omnaidu, I appreciate you replying, I was aware of this FAQ. I also appreciate there is some tradeoff in terms of throughput. But…

“While this is not noticeable at most mobile speeds”

I certainly notice a 272Mbps drop in speed on my mobile.

Currently seeing a 355Mbps loss on a wired desktop connection:

Warp+ ON

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 09.12.39

Warp+ OFF

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 09.13.13

Does anyone know how to get support for Warp+? I’ve filled a bug report and posted here.

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