Slow connection to cloudflare servers


I am having some problems with upload speed to my servers when cloudflare proxy is active.
I am doing an xhr request to my fileserver to upload a file. I am tracking the progress through the progress events.

When the proxy is NOT active (dns only), I see the progress fillup to 100% and the upload is completed with a status code of 200 immediately.

When the proxy is active (orange), I see the progress fillup to 100% and then it hangs for a while there before I get the 200 code. The hang time depends on the file size uploaded.

On average the total upload time is about doubled. If the file is very large or the client network speed is low (throttle the speed to test), after hanging at 100% for a while I will get an http 524 code (cloudflare timeout).

My understanding is that in the proxy mode cloudflare will receive the file and report progress to the client. Once the whole file is received cloudflare will pass it to the origin and will return the result of the origin to the client. Now if the time it takes for origin to download the file from cloudflare is too long, cloudflare will return a 524 to the client.

This is the server’s speed test on Ookla

This is the server’s speed test on

There is a huge difference in speeds especially in the download speed. Is cloudflare throttling network speeds?

Appriciate any explanation or pointers.

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