Slow caching and downtime issue

I am experiencing frequent downtime and slow loading times on my website. Despite having tried various solutions, I am still encountering this issue, which is affecting the user experience and potentially causing damage to my business. I am reaching out to the community to seek advice and recommendations on how to resolve this issue and improve the performance of my website.

I’ve fetched a few pages from your site and after a couple of loads they perform relatively well. Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default, and the one change that would perhaps make the most impact on your website would be to try to cache HTML. Currently, your HTML pages are not being cached by Cloudflare, but you can change that in a couple of ways.

It seems that your website would greatly benefit from Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress (APO). This is included in all paid plan, or else is available as a paid add-on for Free Plans (it costs $5/month). It will cache the HTML of your pages at the Cloudflare edge, and invalidate cached pages within 30 seconds whenever there are changes to them (a comment is made, content is updated etc.)

Another option would be to use Cache Rules (beta) coupled with Tiered Cache. That may need some development on your part to create and maintain an script to purge the cached pages when certain changes are made. The Cloudflare official WordPress plugin does have a feature called Auto Purge Content on Update (formerly Automatic Cache Management) that will purge pages when certain changes happen, but not all. And unlike APO this solution won’t make your cached HTML available on all Cloudflare datacenters, but your website will nevertheless benefit from caching in datacenters where most your blog users’ requests come from.

Whatever solution you pick, you’ll also benefit from installing a cache plugin at the origin so that when users visit a page that is not yet on Cloudflare’s cache it won’t need to be created anew. There are several good cache plugins available for WordPress.

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