Slow build & no rollback option

Hello :wave:

I just migrated from Netlify to Cloudflare Pages. We use create-react-app build. Here are my findings so far.

Builds in Cloudflare are ~10minutes slower when compared to Netlify.

My last 3 builds on Netlify: 8m30s, 4m27s, 5m19s
My last 3 builds on Cloudflare: 13m41s, 13m 36s, 17m56s

There is no one click rollback to deploy a previous version. A bad deployment would take ~15 minutes of downtime until itโ€™s fixed, with Netlify that feature runs on ~30 seconds.

Are these items on the roadmap anywhere? They are pretty critical to us, so we are considering going back to Netlify.

Thank you,


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