Slow 404 page loads


I’m new to Cloudflare and trying to setup my domain. I’ve noticed something strange with the 404 page loads…

For any page that requests a 404 page, the time to load the page is 10 seconds or above.

This should be requesting from the same source as the main pages ( I have No Caching turned on for the main page requests). (loads fine) (404 page takes along time to load).

Has anybody ever experienced this and what could be the cause? Thank you!

I’m getting a quick response on that one.

Hi Sdayman,

Hmm. Here is what i’m seeing:


Sorry for the long delay (I had to wait 2 hours until I could post and yes it’s still the same).

Here is what it looks like, for anything that doesn’t return a 404:

Here is a link from a 3rd party showing the same load problem is happening:


The ByteCheck link appears to be loading fast, sometimes now. If you try a couple of times, the error will still happen. I’m not sure of what could be the cause.


Sorry about that, I upped your permissions a bit so you won’t hit that. Apologies.

lol, ok thanks for that. I’ve checked all I can on my end and do not see anything causing it. I will wait some more time to see if maybe something weird is happening with DNS caches. I also can’t access this Cloudflarepreview tool (wonder if it’s related)

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The timings look all right to me

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Thank you everybody for your help. Just updating the ticket to say everything seems to be loading fine this morning. It may have been a DNS caching issue from the website move.

Thank you!

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