Slove my issue

Solve mu isuess plizz sir

You do realise this posting does not exactly contain any information, right?


Sorry if i did any mistke…
Plizz help mee sir
Solve my issue sir

Again, no information.


What should i give u say

Ehm, right above your posting.


Plizz solve my issue

We are going in circles, aren’t we?

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Yess wee

No one can solve your issue unless you explain your issue.

My Issue is orgins is unreachable iss my issue plizz help mee

If you cannot provide the bare minimum of information required to assist you, no one will be able to help, and your problem will persist.

My Issue is orgins is not working server is not working my dns is not working

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You have posted seven times and not shared your domain yet. No one here has a :crystal_ball: crystal ball or psychic powers.


What is your domain name? Put it between backticks (``) so it is not rejected as a link.

@jungkarki112, have you made sure your encryption mode is Full Strict? If not, that will break your site and is the reason why it may not be working.