SLL showing an error message

The certificate is active but my Website SSL is not working. I have two servers. I’ve changed the Domain to the new Cloudflare server - could this be the reason? thanks for your help

How do these two servers work together? Can you post the URL?

The URL is:
I’m actually not sure it just show that the site is on two hosts

Two issues here, your TLS configuration on the servers return a certificate for a different domain. Your host should be able to fix this. Second, you are not proxying through Cloudflare. Is that deliberate?

Im not sure. I just follow the regular steps seen in different YouTube Videos on how to get the ssl certificate with Cloudflare and they didn’t do anything else but to change the Domain Nameserver and download the Cloudflare ssl flexible plugin for WordPress.

What do you mean by proxying through Cloudflare?

You currently have an invalid certificate on your server which was issued for a different domain. You need to correct this by installing the correct one. Thats something your host should do.

Thanks a lot! I’ll get in contact with my host

You do not need to install plugin with wordpress.

Change your nameserver: Delete this

and set the nameserver that cloud has provided. After that follow this instruction:

You must have accessed stalled entries, his name servers already point to Cloudflare.

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