Slider won't load

Updated some DNS settings for client to use Microsoft 360 and Mailchimp, using specific guidelines.

The sliders on the pages aren’t loading on their WordPress site. There has been similar issues before, nothing compression and resizing of the images didn’t sort. But now, all that is displaying is the loading GIF.

I installed a third party slider plugin, which had the same problem.

The website itself was a custom theme and hasn’t been updated in some time so possibly an incompatibility with the newer platform. The guy who built it is no longer reachable.

Error checking doesn’t come up with much to point to a reason. I’ve checked incompatibilities with plugins and no issues.

The only explanation is either the incompatibilty with the theme and WP platform or there is a problem with Cloudflare.

Could there be any reason why the sliders won’t load because of Cloudflare?

Yes. Check the Mirage setting in Cloudflare. Make sure it’s turned off, purge the CF cache, browser cache, and test. If the slider now works: keep Mirage off, or use a Page Rule in CF to disable Mirage on just that troubled page.

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Thank you for your reply, however, Mirage is already off.

How about Rocket Loader? That sometimes messes with some of my Javascript.


So simple. Never seen that before in any of my other sites. Wonder if it is because of the outdated theme components?
It worked! Many thanks. You, sdayman, deserve a medal! Thank you, both for your time!


Glad you got it fixed. You may want to experiment with setting rocket loader to Manual. Then change the order of scripts, which to include, which to defer. You can squeeze out a lot of load time.

I had this problem recently and found this thread. If it helps anyone who comes across this thread with this issue - it turned out for me the hosting provider had a managed version of WP Rocket. I turned off the “File Optimizations” of WP Rocket and the sliders came back without touching CloudFlare. Worth a try if you have it!

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