SlickStack and Cloudflare WordPress plugin

Hello the FOSS SlickStack script from Github for installing LEMP servers in Ubuntu includes a Cloudflare plugin for WordPress that is installed as Must Use (MU) plugin in the /mu-plugins/ folder

My question is now the WP admin bar Cloudflare menu has a link to “purge Cloudflare cache” and also “enable Dev mode” for Cloudflare, and if I click that, how long with Dev mode be turned on? Likewise what is the easiest way to disable Dev mode again if I want to?
…is it safe to be using these functions in the Wordpress dashboard (PHP code) or should you be only doing that stuff on the Cloudflare website instead for safety reasons

Dev mode is three hours. But under WordPress settings, you can click Cloudflare to turn Dev Mode back off. I use the Cloudflare Plugin so I can clear the cache from WordPress. It’s just a convenience thing. You don’t have to use that Plugin for Cloudflare to work.

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