Skybroadband-PH Reachability

Hi Cloudflare,

I just wondering if you could talk to my ISP about reaching your network. I’m in the philippines and I am well aware that you have a PoP on Manila and Cebu. However, when I am accessing your content nor using your DNS resolver It goes to your hongkong server instead of the servers in my country.

I am a home subscriber and I appreciate if you could help them know their exisiting routing issues. Thanks.

Philippines is re-reouted right now:


Thank you for letting us know. We will try to reach out to SkyBroadband. And it would be great if you can raise a ticket with Skybroadband too as they might able to reroute the traffic to place close to Philippines like Singapore.


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Oh. I did not know that. I’ll test this again soon when he re-reouting is complete

Thank you very much!

Yes ISPs tend to listen to customers (well unless it’s my ISP… they hate me). :smiley:

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It’s no longer re-routing. Any change?

Nope. The problem is still there. Here are some results of the restest.


P.S. I am using my phone as my laptop is currently broken

Any updates?

Have you retried performing a traceroute?

Yes. Unfortunately, it uses the same route.

You would have to wait for @cs-cf then, nothing I can tell you more unfortunately…

Can confirm that Sky Cable/Broadband still routes any kind of request to Cloudflare outside the Philippines (mostly HKG).

hi im also from Philippines and a skycable/skybroadband subscriber, i also tried the tracert to Cloudflare and its still hopping on hongkong :frowning: