Skip option to choice in WAF

I have a domain named I create a custom rule.there is no skip option to choice in WAF of security on the domain name But But my other two domains have this option skip,when I create a custom rule.Please help.thanks a lot.

There is no skip option

This skip option is available in other domain names

Custom Rules are replacing Firewall Rules. You have Custom Rules on some of your zones which contain the “skip” option. They will eventually be rolled out to all zones. Until then, “allow” is equal to “Skip” in custom rules, except that it only skips other firewall rules, which is equal to Skipping all remaining custom rules option in custom rules.
For more information on the migration:

If your goal is to skip the WAF, I would create a managed rule to skip a specific rule, or skip all remaining rules: Create WAF exceptions · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

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