Siteweb fonctionne mais pas le serveur minecraft sur le même ip

Salut à tous, je vous explique mon problème.
J’ai lier mon nom de domaine à Cloudflare. J’ai changer les DNS sur le panel de mon fournisseur de domaine.

J’ai un Siteweb et un serveur Minecraft qui est hébergé chez moi sur une machine dédié. Donc j’ai relier mon adresse IP sur le DNS de Cloudflare. Mon site web est maintenant en https les gens peuvent aller dessus sans problème. Mais les gens sont incapable de se connecter à mon serveur Minecraft qui est la même IP mais pas le même port bien sur. Je me demande comment corriger ce problème ! Est-ce possible? Merci pour votre aide.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy Minecraft unless you’re using Spectrum. However, the Spectrum option for Minecraft is pretty expensive.

Thanks you for your answer.

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As an alternative, you could create an SRV record which will not be proxied, but allows you to connect to Minecraft using a domain/subdomain that’s already in use. You’d need an A record pointing to the IP (just use a random subdomain name) and an SRV record with the domain/subdomain you want your users to connect to.

For example, if you have set already and want users to also connect to this proxied domain with Minecraft (but Minecraft would not be proxied), you’d setup something like this:

A    <your-minecraft-ip>

Now add this SRV record for the domain you want users to connect to:

Type  Name          Service     Protocol  Priority  Weight  Port   Target
SRV  _minecraft  TCP       0         5       25565

If your Minecraft server is on a different port, just change 25565 to your port. Users can still connect to Minecraft using without the port.

Hopefully I didn’t overcomplicate my answer :smile:

Alright it’s working. Thanks you. But a i have another problem. I have a plugin called dynmap and how i can configure to join it? i make the same things you say about minecraft but it’s only redirect to my website with

I’d recommend creating a :grey: DNS-only entry for your subdomain. If you want to proxy that, you would need to change the port of Dynmap to one supported by Cloudflare’s proxy:

I was not successful but I added the web dynmap files directly to my website and it works now.