Sites with Cloudflare CDN will not load on Telstra ADSL gateway Australia

Many websites including my own who use Cloudflare CDN will not load using the Telstra ADSL gateway in Australia. The issue has been occurring since Thursday 26th July 2018. We have contacted many of our customers and the connection issue has been narrowed down to Telstra ADSL users only. Most of these issues have been occurring in the state of Queensland in Australia also. All other ISPs and Telstra’s wireless 3G / 4G gateway will however will load the sites.
Here are 3 websites and URLs that will NOT connect >!

Have you opened a Support ticket? login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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Yes I have just opened a ticket now :slight_smile:

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@user1562 we’ve had many clients coming to us with similar issues. Have you managed to get a resolution on this one? Customers have been able to reset their connections (restart router, etc) which has resolved the issue, but would be nice to NOT have to do this.

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Hello, there has been no resolution offered from Cloudflare or Telstra on this matter. The “only” fix at this stage is for users to restart their routers.
This case ticket remains open with Cloudflare.

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