Sites protected by cloudflare telling me to install anti virus


I am suddenly been asked to provide captcha on a few sites protected by cloudflare, I am seeing a vague please install a/v etc.

However it doesnt specify the reason why it thinks I am a risk, and if it doesnt specify the reason then cloudflare cannot prove its not a false positive.

So cloudflare should only present this reason when they know the visitor is malware, and not just speculate and assume it is.

A bit like when amazon video tells people to reset their router when it was their anti vpn technology banning ip’s, please provide the reason and not be obscure.

Please post a screenshot

Cloudflare never ask you to install extensions/apps, so that might be content/page inside the website.

Sadly nothing CF can do, as it’s part of the website content.

This sounds like Cloudflare has blocked your IP address due to suspicious activity. One potential cause is an infected computer. Or someone from that IP address is doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing.

Sure its still doing it.

sdayman it probably is my ip I agree.

The question is what has their algorithm detected?

e.g. I can trigger google’s anti bot mechanism when I use long fancy search phrases.

I just noticed it has a privacy pass option, but that has no effect.

Ok after I did the captcha it credited me with some passes, I guess the next time it will auto do the captcha for me.

I do block unauthorised javascript, trackers etc, and I suspect this is what they may have deemed as suspicious activity aka false positive. Even more interesting I tried a proxy on a spare ip thats never been used and it was blocked, then when I tried an American IP it didnt have the page. I then tried 10 other random UK ip’s all blocked again never used before. Is it possible the website has done a country wide block?

I think its the javascript blocker

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