Sites page rules check


To speed up a site i get recomendation to make Cache everything page rule, with these extra settings

  1. Disable security - Security is disabled
  2. Browser Cache TTL - a day
  3. Cache Level - Cache everything
  4. Edge Cache TTL - a month

So my questions is. Are these “good settings” to speed up a site…?

Am I not doing something “stupid” with this page rule

Well, partially … let me add more information, ask few questions and give few other suggestions in terms of security and page speed performance.

Cache Everything - as as you know what it means and as long as you are not having a cart/checkout on your webpages (eCommerce Website) or something similar like product comparasion, etc.

Unfortunately, yes you are a bit :slight_smile:
Disable Security - may I ask why?

Furthermore, have you enabled Minify options (HTML, CSS, JS) to try out?
How about Brotli and Rocket Loader option being enabled and give them a try?

You can set them for the whole zone/domain/subdomains which are proxied :orange: rather than using a Page Rule.
Setting them per Page Rule would be per demand/need for some specific reasons.

I hope you are using Full (Strict) SSL therefore under the SSL/TLS tab, or rather not?

Sites is webshop, it is joomla virtuemart, should i remove than “cache evrything”…site seems to be working, there are only some few specifict products

i deleted this page rule

these settings are enabled

Yes, remove this item/option.


I am not familiar if there is some caching plugin for Joomla which could help you and speed up the site, at least at your origin so far.

  • same goes if your origin host / server can handle like Memcached or Redis, which helps a lot, even PHP OPCache can be worth of having …

Nevertheless, Cloudflare has got awesome service, but I do not know, if you are using a shared hosting, a VPS, or server, but I would suggest Cloudflare Argo Smart Tunnel :wink:

There are some few others, but they are available on a Pro Plan. Like TCP Turbo, and especially the Mirage and the Polish options which helps a lot nowadays for visitors comming from mobile with the image optimization and delivery in a WebP format.

Security for a webshop is a must, including HTTPS (SSL certificate) and other protection options.

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