Sites not redirecting correctly

I have multiple sites that should be redirected to one site; however, they are redirecting to the wrong one.

I use Bluehost for hosting, and all of my websites are routed through Cloudflare.

All of the websites should be going to 137webdesign. com

The other sites are travisouellette. site, travisforcarver. com, travisforcarver. online.

All but is sending to, and occasionally sends there as well.

Update: I was able to get all the sites to redirect, but I am getting a redirected too many times error.

This is on all sites, including

I have other websites through Cloudflare DNS and Bluehost hosting.

Note that 137Webdesign is registered through Cloudflare, but the other sites are through Bluehost.

The other two sites are and

Set your SSL/TLS setting to “Full (strict)” here…

I’m hoping that worked. I’ll have to check again later today.

Turns out that was not the issue. (I’m leaving it though, as it appears to be best practice for WordPress).

I had an incorrect redirect through Bluehost.

Thank you again for the help!

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