Sites not loading since my webhost moved them to a new server

I used a web host called Hostnine which was bought by A Small Orange who have since proceeded to move sites from the original servers to their own servers in a different datacenter.

All my sites use a single Cloudflare account for free SSL and higher security for a number of sites.

All migrated sites stopped loading once the migrations had finished.

To say that A Small Orange’s support has been abysmal is an understatement. I first noticed problems back on June 28th and, to date, I’ve only managed to get 1 site up and running again.

All others remain offline and one even redirects to a domain I do not own.

Two of the domain accounts on Cloudflare mysteriously disappeared after site migration. These were not accidental deletions done by me.

The Cloudflare DNS settings appear to be the problem, in at least some cases. A Small Orange gave me the new IP addresses for some sites (I had to ask for them) and I plugged those into the existing Cloudflare DNS settings. Only one site partially worked after this and A Small Orange had to add some missing server settings to get the site to display properly.

Redirections for masked links didn’t work either and required the deletion and resinall/reactivation of plugins to get those working again.

I have email accounts on one domain that I access through Webmail on the server. No email has been received since June 28th. A Small Orange have been useless in helping get this issue resolved.

Even if I delete a site from Cloudflare and then add it back in after a few days (to allow IP changes to propagate), the IP addresses pulled in are sometimes incorrect. And, even if they are correct, the site still won’t load.

With the site I’ve been able to get running again, it initially started loading once I disabled the site in Cloudflare, so that seems to suggest that the Cloudflare DNS settings were incorrect.

So is this kind of thing normal when sites are migrated between servers? I presume that Cloudflare does not automatically update its DNS records for a site if the IP address (and maybe other settings) change?

Can anyone provide insights or advice here?

Would I simply be better off moving to a more reliable webhost and cutting my losses? If yes, what webhost would you recommend?


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Are you saying your server does not have a valid SSL certificate?

In that case you have an actual security issue, not just a wrong IP address.

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No, I use WordPress plugins that use the free (Flexible) SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare. These sites have run with those for the last couple of years until the site migration.

In that case you have mentioned security issue and need to fix that first.

Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to get your server configured for SSL. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

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