Sites are taking 40 seconds to load when proxied through Cloudflare

I’m having constant issues with getting sites to load when they are proxied through Cloudflare.
I’ve had no issues for years, then all of a sudden, sites are taking minutes to load. Once they are in cloudflares cache they seem to perform better, but if i go in and purge the cache i can force this long loading behavior.

If I pause cloudflare on the Overview Page, everything loads near instantly.

Whats odd is that its consistently taking 39-40 seconds for the TTFB
The site URL is REDACTED
GTMetrix times out when doing an analysis.

Once the website is cached in cloudflare, it loads quite fast, but taking 40 seconds for the initial visit doesnt seem right.

It appears I have resolved the issue.
There was a Portzilla app installed, and removing it seems to have fixed the issue.
It didnt look to be configured to do much of anything, and had been sitting there for 4 years untouched.
Perhaps it started causing issues now that CF is moving to deprecate apps?

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