Sites are down after expiry date and updating

Hey, all. I have a problems with domains when i tried add domain - it did not work (server side was ok). I think that is CF problem, but i dont understand how to find a solution. Second problem, after updating (dns were changed to exp. and then setuped to default from CF) sites did not go back.
I checked global dns propagation - no results.
What do i need to do to return my websites?

To go back to your original setup, you need to go to your domain registrar and set the name servers back to what your host recommends.

yes, man. I did it…But 36 hours went but domains are still unavailable.
Some domains are not in CF ban but they dont work… I dont know maybe its “great russian firewall”…lol…But its really weird thing…Servers located in DE and domains in RU.

Also, i checked ping of CF servers via public list ipv4 … some lan did not ping from server and it also dont ping globally to. Moscow dns is re-routed. But i think that’s not problem because from DE it also does not work. Currently, one domains works after double chaning dns… but others are still ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED.

Also, one question. Does CF have any protection for domain againt dns-squatting?

thanks a lot

Whats the domain?

No. How should they? Registering similar or mispellled names is not illegal. Some authorities have special requierements for example when it comes to registrations with names.

Lets say you’d like to register you’d need to proof that you have a legitimate interest.

Well, that domain still points to Cloudflare. If you want it to point to somewhere else you’ll first need to change the nameservers.

ok. thanks.

yes. it was pointed… but it does not work) i added A record and no results. I mean i dont see any problem with server or domain registrator but domain does not work.

You only have a record for the naked domain but no “www” record. Is that supposed to be like that?

As for the error -> Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down
Do you have a certificate installed on your server?

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