Sitemap redirect Error

Hello. My site is
I have an error in the sitemap of my site.
I tried to check the URL of my page sitemap.xml and get redirected to my wp login page.
I checked the source code of my sitemap.xml page before being redirected to the wp login page and I noticed a script from Cloudflare as shown in this screenshot
I ask the Cloudflare community what the code is for and what is causing problems with my sitemap.
Thank you

I assume your sitemap is

This sitemap is not being changed or redirected by Cloudflare. By the looks of it, wordpress just hasn’t generated it yet. Talk to your website developer, or your website host about this issue.

Edit: I see that you went to page-sitemap.xml. This page has only a script being returned by your Wordpress installation:

$ curl
<script type="dac624b7c32e47cd122d3c1b-text/javascript">window.location.href = "";</script><script src="" data-cf-nonce="dac624b7c32e47cd122d3c1b-" defer=""></script>

The rocket loader script isn’t the one doing this redirect - your website seems to be injecting the redirect itself.

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Thanks for the reply. So redirection does not depend on rocket loader. Advice from what can depend. Greetings

Ask your developer to allow Cloudflare Rocket Loader over CSP

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Thanks & congratulations on your service.

I hope, This works really well for us, thank you!

Great! Information and Thank you for the share. :slight_smile:

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