Sitemap is being Cached by Cloudflare

Hi Support

The Cloudflare is caching my sitemap. It causes not updating new posts in the sitemap.

An updated sitemap opens by entering this URL: https://example(dot)in/post-sitemap.xml/?1

Please help me to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Waiting for your reply

A little more info about your setup would be good :slight_smile:

  • are you using Cache Everything?
  • are you using Origin Cache control?
  • what is your website based on?

If you do have an option to hook into the event, when the sitemap is generated, just chain a function to it, which will trigger an API request which clears cache for your sitemap.xml.

Beside that, I see you already got an answer already here /t/412637 on the same question.

And on top of this, your sitemap is actually not cached. See:

(Cloudflare does not serve from Cache, but forwards, what your server responds with)

For me it seems solved.

Beside that, I can’t help you if you don’t answer the questions…

I have created a page rule with URL: **.xml
and Cache level: Bypass

I have a blog website.

My problem was not solved previously

  1. I could not detect any Caching on this sitemap as well.
  2. You still did not answer the questions.
    2.1. Therefore, nope. I do not want to waste my freetime for going in circles

Problem is not reproducible - can’t help.

Sir don’t go, Please help me. You can solve this issue.

What were the questions that you want to ask?