Sitemap http header shows X-Robots-Tag, Google Search Console cannot index

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Issue with a Wordpress site. X-Robots-Tag = noindex on sitemap. Wondering if Cloudflare could be causing this?

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Searched everywhere to find solutions within Wordpress. Have not found a solution yet.

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Use to search

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The X-Robots-Tag: noindex is not being added by Cloudflare, but most likely by WordPress itself or your SEO plugin.

Regardless, that’s not the reason why Google is not reading your sitemap.

The noindex directive correctly prevents Google from returning your sitemap in search results, but does not prevent Google from crawling your website.

You need to check in your Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events for logs re: the sitemap path, to see if any Cloudflare feature, such as Bot Fight Mode, may be blocking Google crawler. If you don’t find any pertinent event, in all likelihood Google crawler is being blocked by your origin.

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