Sitemap Generator Failing

Hi everybody,

I was creating a sitemap (actually aal of them,ie, general, video, images, html + xml…) using that great plugin which is Sitemap Generator.

I did it few times in the past with my DNSs pointing to Cloudflare, but since 4 days ago it started failing. It shows a 524 server Error and says this:

What happened?

The origin web server timed out responding to this request.

The connection to the origin web server was made, but the origin web server timed out before responding. The likely cause is an overloaded background task, database or application, stressing the resources on your web server. To resolve, please work with your hosting provider or web development team to free up resources for your database or overloaded application. Additional troubleshooting information here.

Any ideas?


An alternate idea is to use a manifest.json file in place of the sitemap.xml file. Using JSON is more secure & more efficient (file size) than is XML. Place the manifest in your site’s root & link to it using <link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">. Give it a try; it may very well function for you. Some info for you to read: . I hope it works out for you.

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