Sitemap Error and Content Update


I have 2 issues with Cloudflare and need some advice.

1: My site was originally on https://… since starting with cloudflare it force redirects everything to https://www… This would be fine except my sitemap. My sitemap in Google is without the www. and has been read for a couple of months. Now that sitemap version does not load and only the www. loads. When submitting the www. sitemap to Google, it doesn’t index, but it doesn’t register any errors, it says success and then just sits there.

I don’t know whether this is going to cause an issue further down the line because as I understand Google recognizes the differece between www. and not as they are effectively the same. But I have the same set up for 5 sites and this is the only site I have this issue, so something must be wrong here.

2: I am updating content 3 x a week on 1 site and daily on other sites. Using Cloudflare and the WP Super Cloudflare plugin. However, live site content does not update. I have waited as long as 4 days to check and content is still the same. I have checked on private browser and still no luck. When clearing cache from WP and the plugin, still no luck. I have to go into hosting and manually flush the whole cache for everything to update. I am sure there is something wrong here or an error in my set up.

Could someone be as kind as to advise on these 2 issues.

Cloudflare does not redirect to www unless you’ve added a Page Rule. Or you’re on a partial CNAME set up through a partner that doesn’t function without ‘www’.

I wouldn’t expect so if there’s a redirect to ‘www’, but it should be a 301 redirect so search engines know the new canonical URL for your site.

Then that’s a server cache; not Cloudflare’s cache.

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