Sitemap can be read, but has errors

hello, I have an issue with my post-sitemap. From what I have seen online it might be a caching issue. Please someone help me. sorry i included a link but i was told no links

Put the link inside pre-formatted text using ``

Though this is unlikely as issue with Cloudflare.

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i am still to figure that out

Figure what out? The sitemap issue or posting links?

sitemap issue

Can you provide a link to the sitemap?

[type or paste code here]

Looking at line 1011 for instance I see an & whereas lines before it have &.

Other validator tools produce other errors.

This is nothing to do with Cloudflare. This is entirely an issue with whatever platform/tool is generating the sitemap.

Yoast is generating the sitemap. Please any idea on how i can fix that?

Best reach out to the developers of Yoast.


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