Sitemap 403 error both google and bing

I have been getting a couldn’t fetch message each time i try to submit my sitemap in search console.
It comes with the 403 error.

i contacted my hosting company who says they’re not in charge of this so I had to reach for help with search console who led me here. Looking forward to being assisted.

May I ask if you checked the Security tab → Overview for any of the Firewall events? :thinking:

It might be due to the Bot Fight Mode, or Browser Integrity Check, Firewall Rules, Security Level or something else related to the security options at Cloudflare in between which might challenge or block the request to your sitemap.

How would i go about doing that?

  • Go to the Cloudflare Dashboard, then click on your website.
  • On the left sidebar click Security, then Overview.
  • Look for any requests that are trying to request your sitemap.xml (under the Path section).
  • If they are blocked, check why (there should be a field called “Matched Rule” or similar).

Turns out my website was never added to Cloudflare.
I have the account with no site under it.

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