Siteground's cloudflare site cache implementation

Hi all

When using Siteground’s optimizer and enabling APO through it they appear to have some kind of bespoke implementation. It does enable the APO setting in cloudflare, but also creates a sg_worker in CF with what looks like custom code for edge caching.

Can anyone explain what’s happening here (because apparently SG support can’t.)

It is bespoke or does the official cloudflare plugin do the same thing (does it also add a worker for this?)

My reason for querying this that we have our own domain level routing worker which I don’t want overridden by the other domain level sg_worker. I’m wondering if the normal cloudflare version does not do this.

I would recommend you to follow up with Siteground in this case.
Please provide them as much details as possible, and let them know they can then reach out to Cloudflare Support if they needed then.

I did a bit more digging and it seems that SG have developed this worker based version so that the page caching works with the free tier of Cloudflare.

Since we have Pro accounts with you I’m going to guess that using your own implantation would have some advantages.

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