Siteground / wordpress / cloudflare cnd setp

Hi There

I’m Very new at this, go easy :slight_smile:

I have a wordpress site in progress, testing cdns out. I have siteground hosting with the free cloudflare available. I am using swift performance plugin on wordpress which is good for me at the moment.

I have enabled the free cloudflare account on the siteground cPanel, received confirmation from cloudflare by email.

I notice that theres a cdn option on the swift plugin. Do i need to add my cloudflare hostname there or is enabling it on cpanel all i need to do?

There’s settings on the cpanel cloudflare section as well as on my cloudflare profile on the site. I can’t see CDN options anywhere there.

I’m also worried about the cache options on cloudflare interfering with the options that ive already got set up in swift performance plugin.

To recap though, do i need to enter hostname in the swift plugin inside wordpress or is enabling it in the siteground cpanel enough? Also how long will it take to show up as a working cdn in gtmetrix?

Thanks very much. Cheers. Chris

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