Siteground with cloudflare => limit cloudflare workers

I have some websites hosted in Siteground. I activate Cloudflare as CDN in siteground (Sitetools and also SG Optimizer wordpress plugin via cloudflare tab).
Nearly everydays, i get emails from CF telling me that I reach 90 % of the daily limit of Cloudflare Workers. When i reach 100%, I have 5xx errors. They propose me to pay 5USD/month to get an illimited workers.
I agree to pay 5USD but how to do? I found no documentation? I never used workers on CF ?I don’t find where it is in CF…
Please can the community help me?
Or another solution is maybe to deactivate CF CDN when i reach 90% of limit, but i don’t know how to do?
Does somebody get the same issue? And how to fix it?

Can you check here:

And see is there any Workers route?

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Yes there is a worker from Siteground i supposed…

https://www.***.com/ sg_worker

What should i do?

You should ask Siteground about that. Since you have Cloudflare on a partner setup, it’s up to the partner to provide you with customer service for what they are offering you. If they installed a worker when you signed up for their CF plan, I’d suspect this worker should not have the limitation you are facing. Only they will be able to clarify this and instruct you accordingly.