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Hi guys,
so i am hosting my site at siteground. My domain however is at united domains. No a freelancer that wanted to speed my site up set up my cloudflare account. Now i cant do any staging at siteground anymore.
Every time i try to enter the staging site i get this error: This site can’t provide a secure connection

uses an unsupported protocol.


in my account it also says. YOUR DOMAIN IS NOT POINTING TO THIS SITE
To point your domain name to your new site, change your name servers to the ones below.

Name servers
Name server change may take up to 24 hours to propagate. If you have already changed your name servers, this notice should disappear shortly.

How can i fix this?
Thanks for your help.

You didn’t list your staging site’s hostname, so we can’t really check it out for you, but here’s some info on that error:

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One of the requirements of Siteground’s staging feature is that you create a DNS record pointing to the staging subdomain that is created by the staging app. Please read the warning at the bottom of this page:

The staging feature adds the subdomain DNS record automatically in case your DNS is handled by Siteground, but not if the DNS is with Cloudflare.

Now you need to add an A record (Cloudflare Dashboard > DNS) for the staging subdomain, pointing it to the same IP address as that of your main site. The staging subdomain is numbered, so if this is your 5th staging site, the subdomain is called staging5 and that is the name you use to create the A record. You can check the staging subdomain number by going to cPanel > WordPress > Staging app.

In case this sounds a bit confusing, it’s because it is! Siteground support is your best friend here.


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